Monday, September 27, 2021


 My Review
5 Stars
MILE HIGH WITH A VAMPIRE by Lynsay Sands is book 33 in the Argeneau Series. This is the story of Quinn Peters and Jet Lassiter. I have read the previous books and book  but I do think book 29 "The Trouble With Vampires" is the book Quinn was introduced if my memory is correct.  But, this can be a standalone book if you wish to do so. Quinn was forced to be a immortal / blood sucker a few years ago. Having to adapt to her new way of life she knows the dangers of what just happened when their plan crashes. Jet is a human who is a pilot for Argeneau Inc and has loved his job. When his plane crashes with his passengers he was one of the few humans on the plane. So he is now in danger of being attacked for his blood. Quinn goes into protective mode out to get him to safety so her exceptional strength due to who she has taken Jet and they are on the run. We later learn that the plane crash wasn't an accident and that they are in more danger than they thought.  I am a huge fan of this author so I highly recommend her writing and this book/series.

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