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The Alpha's Secret Family by Jessie Lane

Title: The Alpha's Secret Family
Series: A Howls Romance
Author: Jessie Lane
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: March 28, 2017
Dia has just moved to a new city to run her own hair salon. She doesn’t have time for the hot guy who won’t stop asking her out, yet she can’t seem to stop thinking about him.
Stone Blaylock is the Battletown Packs’ Alpha and his mate has just moved into town. Problem is, she’s human. Therefore, he has to win her over the old fashioned, human way—by dating her.
Things are looking up for Stone when he gets his mate to fall in love with and mate him. 
However, there’s someone out there who doesn’t like that the Alpha’s new mate is human. When their plan to kill her backfires and Dia survives, but she doesn’t remember anything, including Stone, or the circumstances that left her alone, hurt, and pregnant.
Excerpt 1 -

As Dia sat at her table looking at the laminated dinner menu, her mind swirled with doubts and worries. So much so, that she wasn’t reading the menu at all, just lost in her thoughts. All of that changed when the chair across from her scraped across the floor as it was dragged backward and someone sat down.
Suddenly, every nerve ending and instinct in Dia’s body flared to life. Although she hadn’t looked up yet, she somehow knew two things. One, it was a man. The spicy scent of him wafted across the table and filled her senses until her head spun. And two, for some odd reason, her entire being knew that her life was about to change forever.
How weird was that?
Not only weird, but scary. Dia’s life had already changed so much in the last few days with her move to town and taking over the business. There was no way she was ready for it to change any more.
She tried to ignore the unknown man, hoping he might go away if she paid him no attention. Just minutes later, though, she found out that wasn’t going to work, as he leaned forward and braced his arms on the table.
“You going to ignore me all night, princess?”
The unknown man’s voice was so deliciously deep that it tingled certain parts of her body. She loved a deep bass like that. His voice wasn’t what made her head snap up, though. No, it was her irritation.
“I’m not a fucking princess,” she snapped back.
She hated when people made assumptions about her just because of the way she looked. Just because she liked to have her make-up and hair done at all times didn’t mean that she was a high-maintenance woman. Dia could swing a hammer just as good as any guy in here, and if the stranger didn’t watch it, she would swing that hammer at his head.
It didn’t take much to set off Dia’s fiery temper.
Of course, the urge to hit him abruptly died away when she got her first good look at the man she had studiously tried to avoid only seconds before. The word beautiful didn’t seem to do the man justice. No, he was absolutely and utterly beard-bodacious beautiful.
He had dark, shaggy hair she immediately wanted to run her fingers through, and gorgeous steel-grey eyes. His facial features were strong, like his jaw, and undoubtedly handsome. Rugged was how one might describe them. Not Dia, though. No, the word predatory was the word that came to mind as she looked at his intent eyes and the smirk on his lips. The man was staring at her like he was a starving wolf and she was the plump, little lamb he had set his sights on.
Would it be terribly wrong if she gave in to temptation and asked him to eat her? Because looking at the stranger made her hotter than any other man had before. He was just that damn devastating. The realization made Dia feel confused because she had never had this sort of reaction to a man before.
The stranger’s smirk spread into a huge grin as he watched her after she snapped the heated words at him.
She waited for his rebuttal; some condescension that she hadn’t needed to be so snippety. Instead, he leaned forward and whispered, “All right, sweetheart, I get it; you’re not a princess. I just couldn’t help myself because, here you sit, in this little restaurant, surrounded by farmers and working men, prettier than anything I’ve ever seen in my whole life. You haven’t noticed that every single man’s eyes are glued to you, and you haven’t seen their pitiful attempts to get your attention. So, I had to come over here and make sure you had no choice but to notice me.”
“Why is that?” she asked him curiously.
“Because you’re mine.”

Excerpt 2 - 

“And what if I told you I was something straight out of a fairy tale, would you believe me?”
Thinking he was teasing, Dia teased back, “Is this where you tell me you really are Prince Charming?”
When Stone didn’t laugh at her joke, Dia took notice of the tension in the air around them and stiffened herself.
“Or, are you the frog under those clothes?”
He grabbed her tightly, almost as if he was afraid she would ask him to let her go. “I’m not Prince Charming, sweetheart.”
“Then what are you talking about?” Dia asked him, confused.
“I’m the big bad wolf, Dia.”
She started to laugh, thinking he was joking again, but his serious face stopped her.
Quickly getting confused and frustrated with his mood swings, she snapped, “Fine, if you’re such a big bad wolf, then how about you prove it to me, then? Do something … wolfy.”
One of his eyebrows cocked up. “Wolfy?”
Dia nodded, determined to straighten out this confusing mess. She had no idea what the hell Stone was trying to get at here, but she wasn’t one for bullshit. It was best just to cut right through the crap.
Crossing her arms over her chest, she reiterated her command, “Wolfy, mister.”
Shrugging his shoulders, Stone started to move, but not in any way she had expected him to. No, the crazy man started stripping his clothes off.
“What the hell are you doing, Stone?” Dia glanced around, worried someone might see him getting naked.
With a laugh in his voice, Stone answered her as he pushed his boots off his feet, “I’m getting wolfy, woman. Give me a minute, would ya?”
Tired of the man acting like a total lunatic, Dia put a hand over her eyes to block the sight of him and shouted, “You will put your clothes back on right this minute, Stone Blaylock, or I will never speak to you again!”
Stone didn’t answer her with words … There were grunts. Then a long groan. Followed by … a growl?
Past the point of confusion, and a whole lot worried, Dia peeked between two of her fingers to where Stone should have been standing. But he wasn’t there. That was when Dia removed her hand altogether and looked to find a massive wolf in his place.
Dia’s fear and adrenaline kicked in right away. She had good reason to be scared, too. The damn wolf was almost twice the size of any wolf she had seen at a zoo, and licking his chops like she was dinner.

Excerpt 3 - 

“Wait!” Dia shouted, scared at not knowing what was going on. “Before you go, please tell me what happened!”
Dr. Bennett looked back down at Dia with a stoic expression. “Miss Connor, you were involved in an accident. There was a gas explosion, and you just barely missed the worst part of it. You are lucky to have survived the blast.”
Out of the corner of her eye, Dia could see the nurse injecting something into her IV line.
Totally dumbfounded at what she had just been told, she squinted at the bright light around her while asking the doctor, “How long have I been here?”
Dr. Bennett bent back over so she could block the light from her eyes again, “You’ve been in a medically-induced coma for two months, Miss Connor. Now I know you must have lots of questions for me, but I need you to lie back and try to get some more rest, okay? I’ll be back to check on you in a couple of hours.”
She watched as Dr. Bennett walked away then stood just outside of the room’s doorway, writing on what was presumably Dia’s chart. The nurse walked out with her and stopped right next to her, quietly bringing the door to a close. Thing was, she didn’t close it all the way. There was a small crack, and as fogginess started to impair her thoughts, she could still hear the nurse talking to the doctor.
“It’s so tragic what happened to her and her family. And it looks like she doesn’t remember a thing. When are you going to tell her that her parents were killed in the explosion?”
Dia’s heart clenched so hard in her chest that, for a moment, she wondered if she was having a heart attack. Even though she couldn’t place a face to the thought of having a mother and father, it still broke her heart to know that they were now gone. Dia might never remember them again.
Her heart monitor went crazy as her chest started to tighten even more, and the nurse rushed back in to check on Dia. “Miss Connor, are you okay?”
Tears ran silently down her face as she watched the nurse check the machines that had her heart monitor and blood pressure on it. The nurse turned back to her and said, “You’re safe here, Miss Connor. I need you to try to calm down. It’s not good for the baby for you to be this upset.”
The edges of her vision became black, and the haziness she had felt earlier was now stronger than ever. Dia’s heart was still pounding away in her chest, but it wasn’t enough to keep her awake. Nor was the shock from the nurse’s words.
In all honesty, through the frantic thoughts racing through her mind, Dia realized she was probably more lightheaded because she was about to pass out than from the meds they had given her. All because of one little word.
And as the black in her vision spread, her chest gasping for air, Dia had one last thought before she passed out. What baby?

Jessie Lane is a best-selling author of Paranormal and Contemporary Romance, as well as, Upper YA Paranormal Romance/Fantasy.

She lives in Kentucky with her two little Rock Chicks in-the-making and her over protective alpha husband that she’s pretty sure is a latent grizzly bear shifter. She has a passionate love for reading and writing naughty romance, cliff hanging suspense, and out-of-this-world characters that demand your attention, or threaten to slap you around until you do pay attention to them.
She’s also a proud member of the Romance Writers of America (RWA).


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Review: The Duke of Desire

The Duke of Desire The Duke of Desire by Darcy Burke
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

'The Duke of Desire' by Darcy Burke is book Four in the "The Untouchables" series. This is the story of Ivy Breckenridge and Sebastian Westgate, Duke of Clare. I have read the other books in this series but feel this is easily a standalone book.
Ivy has settled into be a companion while her close friends have married and started a family. Ivy has issue with men and at first it would seem hard to get past. West has a reputation of 'helping' married women by sleeping with them. So at first he doesn't come off as a hero you would want but that doesn't take long to change. I ended up seeing how well these two were made for each other. It was great seeing how much Ivy started to change with West and how her outlook became more hopeful. West to needed someone like Ivy who brought out another side to him.
I have fallen in love with this series and Ms. Burke writing so this was a joy to read!
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."

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Review: It Started with a Kiss

It Started with a Kiss It Started with a Kiss by Ella Quinn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It Started with a Kiss 'It Started with a Kiss' by Ella Quinn is book Three in the "The Worthingtons" series.  This is the story of Louisa and Gideon.   I have read and enjoyed the previous books but if you choose this can be a standalone book.  Louisa is the sister to Matt who was the main male character in book One "Three Weeks to Wed".  So it was nice catching up with them in this book.  Louisa knows Gideon is the one for her almost from the start when she passed him by when she was out riding in the early mornings.  Louisa runs into Gideon again at her family home when she finds out that he is her brother's friend. Gideon is taken with Louisa from the start too but knows that nothing can come of it because his inherited Estes are left penniless after his father was pretty much taken advantage up by a women. Gideon cousin who he is close to informs him that he wants Louisa for his own and just wants his help in the matter.  Gideon at first thinks this is a good ideal but it gets harder to stick with helping him.  Louisa has already started looking for someone else for the cousin so she isn't having any of that and wants Gideon only.  This was another great read by Ms. Quinn!  Ms. Quinn is one of my favorite authors so this was a dream to read!  "My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."

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Review: The Highland Duke

The Highland Duke The Highland Duke by Amy Jarecki
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Highland Duke 'The Highland Duke' by Amy Jarecki is book One in the "Lords of the Highlands" series. This is this the story of Akira and Gordon 'Geordie'. Geordie is a Duke who is in danger and has been shot. When Akira finds him he talks her into helping him and then offers to pay her if she can get him a horse. Geordie needs to get away as fast as he can. Akira is a gypsy healer of sorts who finds Geordie and tries to help him. When they are discovered by Redcoats they take off together. Geordie knows that Akira saved his life and he needs to keep her safe. Akira is just a commoner along with her family. Their family is nothing in the eyes of her village, but she tries her best to help them and others. Geordie being a Duke knows that anything that comes of Akira and his attraction couldn't lead to marriage due to her being a commoner. But with lines like this: (Akira)'Stop' she said with a gasp, her fists showing up between them. 'Why is it I have so much difficulty resisting you?' (Geordie) 'Believe me, lass I am the one who has been rendered utterly powerless'
Akira was a strong women who knew her place, had pride and held her virtue as her only great possession. Geordie had allot to over come from his past but he was a strong hero. I truly enjoyed watching these two grow and overcome so much. I even loved the secondary characters so much that I hope to see more of them! "My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read." https://romancebookreviewforyou.wordp...

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Review: A Perfect Gentleman

A Perfect Gentleman A Perfect Gentleman by Candace Camp
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Perfect Gentleman ' A Perfect Gentleman' by Candace Camp is the story of Graeme and Abby.  Ms. Camp is one of my favorite authors so as soon as I saw her name with this book I had to have it. So happy to say that this book did not disappoint!  I could not put the book down so I ended up reading it until the early hours of the morning....still worth the book-hangover! Graeme and Abby story actually started about 10 years ago when they were married.  Graeme was pretty much blackmailed in to marring Abby by her father.  Abby knew her father was very controlling and a harsh business man but did not have a clue what her father was doing to Graeme.  So right after the wedding Graeme made it clear that he did not want her nor is she every to hold his heart.  That he is in love with someone else. Graeme also told her some of what her father had done.  Graeme then walked out.  Well Abby being a young 18 year old was heart broken and she up and left London.  Abby headed back to NY to make a life for herself.  Now 10 years later she is back in London and Graeme isn't happy about it.  He at first tries to talk her into leaving and going back but it does not work.  Abby has chanced a lot in physical and internal appears which has made it hard for Graeme to resist her. But when Abby starts to get notes telling her there is more going on to her marriage 10 years ago than she knows so goes forward to find out...which puts her in danger. Can Graeme get past his feeling he thought he had for Abby and move forward with the new feelings that are coming out?  Can he help keep Abby safe when someone is out to hurt her? This was another great story by Ms. Camp!"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."

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The Alpha's Secret Family

'The Alpha's Secret Family' by Jessie Lane is book three in the "Howls Romance" series. This is the story of Stone and Dia. This is a short but sweet story of Stone who is an Alpha Wolf Shiftier who after seeing Dia knows that she is his life mate. Dia has just moved to this small town after taking over her Mentor's Beauty Shop and doesn't have time for any relationships now. But Stone isn't letting up and it doesn't take long for him to win out. My biggest wish was that the book was loner than the almost 140 pages. I haven't yet read the other books so this was a standalone book for me.
I am glad to find this author as this was the first book I have read by Ms. Lane. I hope to read more from her in the future.
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."

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Review: Curse of the Healer

Curse of the Healer Curse of the Healer by Ashley York
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

'Curse of the Healer' by Ashley York is Book One in the "Descendants of the High King" series. This is the story of Aednat and Diarmuid. I cannot get enough of Ms. Yorks's books...she is one of my favorite authors. This book just added to my love of her writing.
Aednat has appeared in Ms. York's series: The Norman Conquest in the book "The Seventh Son " which was book Four. In addition, Sean is Aednat's cousin who took her in. We met Sean in the book titled "The Irish Warrior" in the same series: The Norman Conquest. But you don't have to have read that book to enjoy this one. But I will say that series was great so you might not want to miss out.
Aednat was a strong, loving, and she was also disabled somewhat with a club foot. Although it did not slow her down it did give her a limp and she was shunned by her family but a cousin named Sean, did take her in where she was given love and learned to be a healer. Sean now fears that Aednat life may be in danger and has asked his friend Diarmuid to come and help with her protection. Diarmuid tries to keep himself emotionally distant from her but its a battle he is not winning. Diarmuid did not really notice her disability and just saw Aednat as what she is...a loving, smart women.
This book you just couldn't put down...loved it! I can't wait for more books in this series!
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."

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