Sunday, April 10, 2016

It Sunday April 11th

Hello Everyone!~

I hope the weekend so far as been good for you!  I did some Volunteering yesterday and the much loved grocery store run ;-(   
But the day went better afterwards as I got to work on my book reviews and reading some new books.   Today has been a whole book reading and reviewing day!  I have also tried to work on My Social Media  sites.  I added Instagram today.  I have to try adding some of my favorite authors there.  I have Pinterest too but I am not sure I am using that to my full advantage which makes me think that what is going to happen to Instagram.  Will see I guess but it seems that all my other sites get more attention from me an others.  Hope full it will all work out. 

Here are my Websites to catch you all up on them... please follow me there too.

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