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Review: Bind

Bind Bind by Sierra Cartwright
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.
'Bind' by Sierra Cartwright is book one in the "The Donovan Dynasty' series. This story is about Lara Bertrand and Connor Donovan.

Lara works in her father's company and she is worried that some of the things her father is doing is not helping the company. Lara doesn't seem to have much pull with her father I thought. Lara is talking to her friend about what is going on and hoping that her friend might have an ideal or some helpful incite. Lara's friend said she should marry her brother Connor. Lara meet Connor a few weeks ago and although she was attracted to him she didn't try to move things forward...and actually somewhat gave him a cold shoulder. Now she starts to think about what her friend said. Connor is a business rival of sorts to her father and when he did try to have a meeting with her father (unknown to her at the time) her father cut him down. With Connor married to her he would be able to be on the 'board' at her father's company.

Connor has been attracted to Lara since he first seen her. But he was totally shocked when she came to his office asking for a Marriage of convince where they would only be married in named only and for the duration of a year ...two at the most. And that they can continue their live during their 'marriage' just as they are doing now. Connor wants Lara and he knows this won't be a marriage in name only. Connor moves to counter offer her proposal with the request that she move in with him, they sleep together and she must take part in his bedroom activates that he prefers.

Will Lara take the new offer from Connor? Can she still try to keep this as a business contract with his sort of bedroom activities?

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