Sunday, April 17, 2016

Review: The Infamous Heir

The Infamous Heir The Infamous Heir by Elizabeth Michels
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'The Infamous Heir' by Elizabeth Michels is book one in the "Spare Heirs" series.
This is the story of Lady Roselyn Grey and Ethan Moore.

Roselyn debut has come around and on top of that she knows of a marriage proposal is coming from Trevor, Lord Ayton. So everything seems to be going as planned...then she arrives at Lord Ayton house for a house party and just getting out of the carriage she meets Ethan again. They once were best friends as childgreen and played together. Now Roselyn is trying to get past her 'hoyden' days and past her families history. Her brother has just married and isn't known as being crazy as he once was. So Roselyn thinks this marriage to Trevor will seal her future with the 'Town'. But her feelings for Ethan are hard to get past and he makes her act like she used to do.

Ethan is taken aback to seeing Roselyn as the last time he saw her is when she was younger and more carefree. Now she is a grown women trying to be something she not and set to marry his brother.
Ethan has always been the black sheep of the family and things don't seem to be changing for him. Ethan father and brother always disappointed in him and he can never be what they want.

Can Roselyn go forward in marring Trevor even with his distant attitude? Will she even have something seem to be going on with Trevor.

Can Ethan find out who was after Trevor? Can he convince Roselyn that he is the husband she needs?

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