Sunday, May 1, 2016

A Lazy Sunday so far for me...

Well I am trying to figure out if I had a productive day or not.... I did finish some books (reading) last night into this morning...but it seems like all I have done today is work on my Social sites and trying to build friends/connections. I had meant to do some review writing today for the books I have read so far but I think I am going to call it quits for the computer and do some more book reading. I have a few more books on my list that I wanted to get done this weekend. So I want to finish those book up and be able to post reviews I will make tomorrow a 'review day' and log this day as a lazy read / computer day. I have certain goals I try to set on books I want to read, and I just have a few more to do for this weekend. Then I can start fresh Monday night with a new set of books for the week. Is is just me or since reading is my main thing...I read a book from start to finish. I have a very hard time putting the book down and thinking I will finish tomorrow.I have to finish that book in one sitting. I think the only times I have not read a book to the end is when I haven't been able to get into the book or I started it really to late at night and Its now early morning and I need to sleep some. I am trying to figure out if doing what you love is better than getting out and actually doing something outside....might sneak a peak outside too since this has been a goof off day already. The cherry on top of my goof off day is "Once Upon A Time" is on tonight!! #LOVEREADINGTOMUCH

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