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Review: Dukes Are Forever

Dukes Are Forever Dukes Are Forever by Anna Harrington
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

'Dukes Are Forever' by Anna Harrington is book one in the "The Secret Life of Scoundrels" series.
This is the story of Edward Westover, Duke of Strathmore and Kate Benton.
Edward has been called home because his brother and sister in-law was killed in a Carriage accident. Kate's father was the person that caused the accident by drinking and racing. So Edward as sworn to get revenge by taking everything away from that man and ruing him. Once he has done that Edward finds out about Kate's existence. Edward was trick somewhat into taking over her guardianship which Edward thinks he is taking on a small child. But he finds out that she is a full grown, head strong women.
Kate knew her father was struggling with money and that every time he came to see her he would take things with him. But she really had not ideal how bad he was. Her father didn't love her mother and Kate as sworn never to marry unless she is in love.
Kate and Edward end up butting heads a lot as they kind of said themselves when they aren't fighting they are making love.
I overall loved this book. I know that it is the regular Historical Romance Story but I love those type of stories.... it is the foundation of romance books. There was one part I was tempted to give a less star when the Edward did something really mean to Kate and I didn't feel he every made up for it or acknowledge that he wronged her. But I just couldn't less my love for this book.

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