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Review: Lady Catherine's Secret

Lady Catherine's Secret Lady Catherine's Secret by Sheridan Jeane
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received this book in exchange for an honest review
'Lady Catherine's Secret' by Sheridan Jeane is book two in the "Secrets and Seduction" series.
This is the story of Daniel, Marquess of Huntley and Lady Catherine. I do feel this was a standalone book, but I would tell you to read the previous book ' It Takes a Spy' just because it was such a great book.

Lady Catherine has been pretending to be Alexander Gray so that she can practice fencing along with her brother. Catherine and her brother are very close! So close that even when they were suppose to be learning to dance with they were practicing fencing. Without her brother's help she would not have had so much freedom to learn non-girl things.
While at a fencing lesson, she meets Daniel who she is attracted too.
If her fencing abilities and her presenting to be a man comes to light this will ruin her family. Her mother has hopes to marry her well... and her mother does not know of this fencing secret. But now we find some suitor who Catherine does not want is threatening her with this secret.
Daniel is looking for a wife to settle down claims and rumors that his father suffers from madness. To do this Daniel thinks he would have to marry a very popular lady of the town. But Daniel is attracted to Catherine.
There are no cliffhangers in this book but I cannot wait to read the next book since the last two were so good!

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