Sunday, June 26, 2016

Review: The Asset

The Asset The Asset by Anna del Mar
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

'The Asset' by Anna del Mar is book one in the "Wounded Warrior" series.
This is the story of Lia Stewart and Ash Hunter.
Lia has been hiding out in the Rocky Mountain cabin that her older friend had left for her. That friend happened to be Ash Hunter's grandmother. Lia is trying to hid from a very abusive relationship and is on edge all the time. Lia posted a room for rent sign in town for what she was hoping would be a female room mate but Ash shows up scaring her at first. Ash was hurt very badly in the military and now just up and left the hospital so he is kind of on the run too. Lia end up taking him in after she learns how sick he is and that he was her friends grandson. Lia has a soft spot for wounded animals and Ash seems to fit right in with that. But Lia is having a hard time with her feeling up being scared around him and also scared that he might be put in danger just being around her.

This was sometimes hard to read book at the end when Lia went over her previous life. In addition Ash was facing some tough heath issue too. This book does have what I thought was a lot of drama and tough story subjects but that is what I understood what I was getting when I checked this book out. So I was not surprised or disappointed. Sometimes it is nice to get a more drama filled romance than my usually boy meets girl and girl falls for boy...then just a misunderstand holds them back...this was not that type of book. Lia was always scared for her feelings for Ash that he might be hurt by the person from her past.
Enjoyed it overall ..exciting read.

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