Friday, November 11, 2016

Review: A Million Different Ways To Lose You

A Million Different Ways To Lose You A Million Different Ways To Lose You by P. Dangelico
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

'A Million Different Ways To Lose You' by P. Dangelico is book two in the " A Horn Novel". This continues the story of Sebastian Horn and Vera Sava from the book 'A Million Different Ways'. To truly enjoy this book you will need to have read the first book. I fell in love with their story and had a hard time waiting for this book! But it was so worth the wait...although I had to start reading in right away! We pick up the story where Vera is trying to protect Sebastian from threats that were made to her that would possible hurt Sebastian. But Sebastian is fast on her trail and that is were we start with him finding her and then having to work through what has happened. They are having to also deal with the hurt feelings and lost of trust. We see them grow while working through their issues. I not sure I can speak enough of Sebastian...he is a Alpha Male Dream for us ladies. This book and their story has been such a great, emotional, hot fantasy couple! I cannot recommend the story of Sebastian and Vera enough! Loved it!!!!
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