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Review: A Marquess for Christmas

A Marquess for Christmas A Marquess for Christmas by Christi Caldwell
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'A Marquess for Christmas' by Christi Caldwell is book Five in the "Scandalous Seasons" series. This is the story of Lady Patrina Tidemore and Weston Aldridge, the 4th Marquess of Beaufort. Patrinia Tidemore was introduced some in the " Always a Rogue, Forever Her Love (Scandalous Seasons Book 4)" where we met her brother Sin (his story) and her sisters. Also to make note to you this is where Patrinia was ruined. This can be a standalone book but I just wanted to let you know that part is in another book. Pratrian's sister stories are in the following books.. Prudence Tidemore story is told in the book, "Captivated by a Lady's Charm (Lords of Honor Book 2)" which I haven't read yet. Penelope Tidemore story is in "The Scoundrel's Honor (Sinful Brides Book 2)" which is out Feb 14th 2017. Poppy Story is not out yet as of this review date of Jan 2017.

Patrinia was ruined when she thought she fell in love with a man she met. Only to find out that he was using her to get at her brother Sin. So now she is a scandal about town and stays mostly to herself and family. But on one of her outing she happens to met to young children and their father. This starts a short friendship between Weston and her. But Patrinia knows that it can't last as Weston has a young daughter and the town would not be kind to her if she was to associate with them. But Weston thinks that if they have a marriage of convenience she can provide being a mother to his children and might help her with the town also.

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