Saturday, February 18, 2017

Review: Claiming Grace

Claiming Grace Claiming Grace by Susan Stoker
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

'Claiming Grace' by Susan Stoker is book One in the "Ace Security" series. This is the story of Logan and Grace. Logan and Grace were friends back in the day. Grace was Logan's tutor but they became friends. Then when Logan and his brother's (they are triplets) graduated the up and left. Logan nor his brothers were gone for about 10 years. But they are back now after their mother killed their father and then killed herself. We find that they grew up with an abusive mother and that being the reason they left. But now they are feeling guilty for their father's death and that his father didn't feel he had a place to got to or reach out to about the abuse. So the brother decide to return home and start Ace Security to help those in need in honor of their father. Now that he is back home he has been avoiding Grace and she has been doing the same. We find that now Grace is the one in trouble with controlling parents who won't let her out of their site and have touch on physical restraints and emotional abuse. I really enjoyed this book and how the brothers wanted to help other which in turned helped them to start moving forward. Grace was strong even though her parents tried to take her down. Emotional abuse is very hard to get over and get past but with Logan's help she was slowly making it.
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