Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Review: From London with Love: Rebellious Brides

From London with Love: Rebellious Brides From London with Love: Rebellious Brides by Diana Quincy
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'From London with Love: Rebellious Brides' by Diana Quincy is book Three in the "Rebellious Brides" series. This is the story of Emilia St. George and Hamilton Sparrow. I have been reading the series but feel you can make this a standalone book. Emilia is at the church getting ready to marry when all of a sudden she is taken by Sparrow. Sparrow was the man she was to marry a few years ago but he broke their engagement along with her heart. Now Emilia has the mind set to marry Edmund Worsley who is a grandson of a Duke. Even though there is not love there she thinks it is a good match for her. For a few minutes after realizing that Sparrow has taken her she thinks he came to realize that he loves her but that dream is busted. Sparrow was just trying to save her from someone he thought was trying to kill her. Sparrow now being reunited with Emilia starts to realize that there is more to Emilia than he first thought. This was an exciting read trying to get to the mystery of who might be out to get Emilia. Also a great book about second chances at love! "My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."

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