Friday, February 3, 2017

Review: His Wicked Highland Ways

His Wicked Highland Ways His Wicked Highland Ways by Laura Strickland
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'His Wicked Highland Ways' by Laura Strickland is the story of Jeannie MacWherter and Finnan MacAllister. Both Jeannie and Finnan have very sad backgrounds. Finnan is set on revenge whereas Jeannie is trying to live a isolated life. One of the people that Finnan has in his sites to get revenge on is his best friends wife...Jeannie. Finnan feels that she was the cause of his death and that she made is life miserable. Jeannie has heard a lot about Finnan and his reputation so she does use caution at first but Finnan has a way about him. But will Finnan find that revenge against Jeannie is all he thought it would be? How can Jeannie deal with this next back-set.
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