Sunday, March 12, 2017

Review: Dishonorable

Dishonorable Dishonorable by Natasha Knight
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

'Dishonorable ' by Natasha Knight is the story of Raphael and Sofia. Please be warned this is a Dark Romance so if you are looking for Hearts and Flowers this isn't your book. Although I love my Hearts and Flowers books... I always love a Dark Romance. I love how the Male is strong but broken who seems to know only hurt and tries to keep that attitude up when he finds the women who he doesn't understand. A women who is strong yet gentle...who has the man turn around his way of thinking and acting.
This book was that for me. Raphael is a broken man who has put up with his father's abuse of him and his mother. So much so that he was put in jail for six years for killing his father in self defense. Now Raphael has one thing in mind and that is revenge of the people that hurt this family. One of those people being Sofia's Grandfather . Sofia is a sweet girl just graduating from school and learns that her Grandfather has set in motion for her to marry Raphael. Sofia has never met Raphael other than one time when she came home from school break to see him arguing with her Grandfather. Now she is to be married to Raphael to settle a debt. Sofia has her struggles too after her parents died which left her Grandfather in charge of their lives.
Sofia tries to stay strong and go forward with this marriage but can she grow to understand the hurt behind Raphael and his actions? Will Raphael see something more than revenge in Sofia?
I must say I loved Raphael and Sofia's brother and sister and hope they get together. I am hoping that will be the next book...Fingers Crossed!
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