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Book Review For: Say Yes to the Scot

Say Yes to the Scot: A Highland Wedding Box SetSay Yes to the Scot: A Highland Wedding Box Set by Lecia Cornwall
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

'Say Yes to the Scot' is a box set with 4 different stories with a total of 410 pages long. I not sure how you could go wrong with this box set! It's the collection of some of the best authors for Historical Romance. Also it is a great way to meet new authors....this gives you a taste of their writing style. I always love box set too for when I need a quick romance fix while waiting for an appointment or for a quick book for bed.

In this retelling of The Princess and The Pea, Laird Alex Munro of Culmore has just five weeks to find a bride and marry her...or else the clan will be cursed with ill luck. Cait MacLeod finds herself caught in a clan feud, and when she tries to stop a deadly raid, she ends up as Alex Munro’s prisoner. With timing running out, is this couple meant to be?
*** Alex is trying to come up with a plan to help his clan who just survived another raid which has dislocated several families. In addition he is trying to figure out how to feed them all before winter hits them. But his Aunt isn't giving up with the story that has been in their family for three hundred of years about The Munros of Culmore have given the credit to the fairs for all the goo that has happened in their lives. Now to fix all the bad things that have been happening his family and clan feel he must marry by Midsummer's Eve. Cait just wanted to stop another clan feud but now is caught by Alex.
Loved this story!

A MATCH MADE IN HEATHER by Anna Harrington
She was the laird's daughter. He was nothing more than a penniless, nameless Scot with nothing to offer but his heart. Fate tore them apart, but now he's back in her life with status, money and a title. Can they let go of past hurts and find love?
*** Garrick once worked for Arabel's family about 10 years ago. Garrick and Arabel fell in love and had planned to runaway together and marry. But on the night they were to elope, Arabel came to him to say that her brother had gotten into series trouble and she could not leave yet. Arabel asked that he wait with her as her family fixed this latest problem the brother had caused. Bu t Garrick has excepted a new job that starts in three days and doesn't understand her choosing her family over him. They argue and she leaves but not before he is attacked and warned to stay away from her. Now 10 years later they meet again but this time Garrick isn't the poor stable boy and Arabel has just agreed to marry another.
This was a second chance at love story and another great story by Ms. Harrington

Their marriage was two decades in the making. The young, educated woman and her highland, pirate husband, betrothed when they were still children. But on the day of their wedding, Elizabeth Hay and Alexander Macpherson are in for a surprise.
*** Elizabeth and Alexander were betrothed to be married when they were children but have never met. Elizabeth turned to helping her father and became a smart, musical bookish sort of lady who when at 18 years of age had dreams of marrying Alexander but he never came. Now at 23 she is happy with giving up that dream and working with her father. Alexander is total different from Elizabeth in that he is a pirate and very outspoken...and doesn't live a very quiet life. But the day has come for them to say their vows... can these two work out their differences?
What a great story!

THE SCOT SAYS I DO by Sabrina York
Catherine Ross's world is turned upside down when her brother gambles away every penny they own. But to make matters worse? He’s lost everything to none other than Duncan Mackay, the rugged Scot who Catherine loved for years--but he never noticed her, and now she positively loathes him. But her brother’s in danger of going to Newgate, and the despicable Duncan has a plan– she can claim back the money and save her brother. If she marries him…
*** Catherine had met Duncan when she was a young girl when her father took her to the Highlands to stay. Duncan had actually saved her from drowning and ever since Catherine had been in love with him. But Duncan had treated her as a little sister and even kissed other women in front of her. Then he just up and left the area and her father's lands. Now years later she swears she hates him in her mind. Her father has past and her younger brother seems to have gotten himself in trouble by gambling away everything. Duncan has acquired everything Catherine's brother has and to settle the debit she must marry him. Duncan has always been drawn to Catherine but tried to hid it best he could but her father saw through that...and didn't want him with her. Now the father is gone and Duncan has taken on the brothers debit...time has changed but has he toward Catherien?
Wow...loved read their story!
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