Sunday, June 4, 2017

Review: Heat

Heat Heat by Opal Carew
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

'Heat' by Opal Carew is the story of Rikki, Simon and Carter.
Rikki has moved to a new city after losing her job and her her boyfriend. Rikki doesn't seem to move forward in starting any new male relationships. Which her best friends keeps telling her she needs to move on. When Rikki goes out with her two new roommates to a bar she ends up meeting Simon and Carter. Both of who she gets an instant feeling about and not to mention is attracted too. Simon and Carter make it clear in that first meeting that they are best of friends that share everything. Rikki is actually a virgin but nevertheless she goes home with them. But Carter and Simon both realize that she is to drunk and they won't take advantage of her. So she stays in their extra guest room and she leaves the next morning. But Rikki runs into them again that morning when she learns they are both fire fighters who would be taking part in a Photo job she has. Once she learns they are fire fighter she starts putting on the breaks on going forward with them. Rikki boyfriend was a fire fighter and she swore not to get involved with firefighters since their job was so dangerous. But with their attraction can she actually ignore the growing feelings for them?
Another Hot Read by Ms. Carew
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