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Arrested by Love by Kathryn R. Blake

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Arrested by Love from Kathryn R. Blake. AVAILABLE NOW
Pranks and spanks in rural New England. Tiffany Morgan has been in love with Kyle Sinclair since she was ten years old and he'd turned her over his knee for attempting to swim in a raging white water river. Though she'd been furious with him at the time, Tiffany never told her family what Kyle did. Instead, she began trailing after him like an annoying younger sister as she tried to gain his attention. Now, eleven years later, Kyle, a patrol officer, is finding it much more difficult to maintain his distance from the irresistible and vivacious redhead who continues to invent ingenious ways to attract his interest. Though he dismissed her initial attraction to him as infatuation, as she grew-into a lovely young woman, his own feelings of desire and protectiveness deepened. So, despite his constant struggle to resist the spirited little minx's lures, Kyle finally has to admit he is losing the battle--badly. BUY LINK ->-> Excerpt: In this scene, Kyle Sinclair has just pulled Tiffany Morgan over for going 45 in a 20 mile per hour school zone. This isn't the first time Tiffany has run afoul of the law and earned the strict police officer's condemnation, but she's hoping this time she can up the ante a bit. "I'm giving you a ticket and recommending you attend mandatory driver's training, this time, Miss Morgan." Though she still couldn't see his eyes, Tiffany suspected they simmered with spirals of fury. "What you knowingly did is stupid, reckless, and unacceptable," he informed her, his tone clipped and cool. She gazed at him through lowered lashes. He'd delivered her cue. "Um, Officer?" One eyebrow arched above his glasses as he answered. "Yes?" She wet her lips and gave her hips a provocative little swing. "Perhaps we could work something out, instead?" Glasses immediately came down again. "Pardon me?" She gazed at his crotch. The evidence he found her attractive was obvious. "Perhaps, I could find a way to ease your discomfort, and you could forgive this small lapse of judgment on my part?" She ran her tongue over her lips again, in case he hadn't gotten the message yet. Sometimes men could be a little thick. If his eyes could physically glare daggers, she'd be one dead cookie "Are you attempting to bribe me with oral sex, Miss Morgan?" he inquired. She gave him the most suggestive smile she had then answered, "Among other things..." "That's it!" he growled, yanking his handcuffs out and smooshing her face against the icy cold roof of her car. Before she could even say "don't", he had her hands cuffed behind her back and was marching her over to his police car. "Ow, Kyle. You're hurting me," she complained, struggling to match his long stride in the tight skirt and shiny black stilettos she hoped made her legs look ten miles long. His grip on her arm lightened, but other than that small concession, he was cutting her no slack. She made no attempt to resist him, since she already knew it would be useless. Besides, this was what she'd been hoping for, right? "Get in," he commanded, pressing down on her head to protect it as he settled her none too gently in the back of his cruiser. Leaning inside, he said, "You can stew there for a few minutes and think about what you did while I decide what to do with you." Then he slammed the door. That ominous little warning had Tiffany's backside twitching again. BUY LINK ->-> About the Author: Although Arrested by Love is Kathryn R. Blake's first spanking romance (a romance where the spankings actually figure into the plot), it is not the first book she has written in which the hero spanks the heroine. In fact, most of her novels have some sort of spanking in them. To date, all of her heroes are Dominant, alpha males who are extremely protective of the women they love. However, part of that protectiveness includes the desire for a certain amount of control. They do not suffer defiance or disobedience lightly. In fact, it is something they refuse to tolerate, and will take firm steps to ensure the undesirable behavior is not repeated. Besides writing, Kathryn enjoys reading and acting in the community and regional theaters. A passionate lover of animals, she currently has a stray cat who adopted her, as well as a tank of small, finned entities that say little and eat much. Social Links: Facebook Page: Facebook Profile: Twitter: Blog: Website: Bookbub: Goodreads:

Arrested by Love by Kathryn R. Blake is the First book in the "Unexpected Consequences" series.  This is the story of Tiffany Morgan and Kyle Sinclair. 
Tiffany has always had a crush on Kyle but he only saw her as a innocent young girl.  Tiffany has been doing crazy things to get his attention and finally has.  But Tiffany learns that Kyle has a taste of hard play something she has never done.
This was a nice book that I enjoyed reading.

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