Monday, April 30, 2018

Review: The Bride Takes a Groom by Lisa Berne

The Bride Takes a Groom The Bride Takes a Groom by Lisa Berne
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Bride Takes a Groom by Lisa Berne is book three in The Penhallow Dynasty series. This is the story of Katherine Brooke and Captain Hugo Penhallow. I have read the previous book but feel you can make this a standalone book if you choose to do so.
Katherine and Hugo once where childhood friends and Katherine loved his family, but then he went off to school and into service. In addition, her father inherited money from the death of her grandfather which set off a chain of events that changed her life. Her family moved into another house, became distance and crew in addition they sent her off to school where she was surrounded by more cruelness. Now they plan to marry her off to a tittle and her life still won't be hers. Hugo was injured during his time in service and now returning home he finds that the money he has been sending back wasn't enough and that his family is in need.
Katherine and Hugo come to a understand that they will marry with both getting something out of it...for Katherine, her freedom and Hug will get her money to help his family. We watch as Katherine starts to become the person she should have been and not the person her cruel parents seem to turn her into.
Really enjoyed this book!

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