Saturday, July 28, 2018

Review: Born to Be Wilde

Born to Be Wilde Born to Be Wilde by Eloisa James
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

BORN TO BE WILDE by Eloisa James is book Three in The Wildes of Lindow Castle Series. This is the story of Lavinia Gray and Parth Sterling. I have read the previous books (and Loved them!) but feel this can easily be a standalone book.
Lavinia and Parth have known each other for years and both seem to have dislike for the other one. Lavinia has bad nicknames for him and Parth thinks she is frivolous with her spending. Lavinia mother takes her to France but now a few years later Lavinia returns to London. Things have changed though, Lavinia mother has been stealing from her friends. This has put Lavinia in a place where she needs money and will marry to do so. Thinking Parth would be the answer to what she needs, she asked him to marry her. But he said not but later offered to help her. But their feelings start changing and their love for each other starts growing.
I started reading this book and could not put it down until I was done. Loved it as I do all of Ms. Jame's books!

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