Thursday, July 12, 2018


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Unspoken by Sofia Tate is book One in The Prose Series. This is the story of Aiden Dwyer and Beatrice 'Bea' Parker.
Aiden in Bea's brother best friend and former college buddy. Aiden has always found Bea hard to resist but with her attitude and being the sister of his best friend has resist temptation. But then he learns of her little secret and he goes forward to act on his feelings.
Bea is a popular with the gossip columns and even has a nickname "The Park Avenue Princess." which leaves it hard to find a man because she doesn't know if they really like or not. So she secretly does a online dating profile to try to filter out the false dates.
Aiden and Bea are so separate in backgrounds but love finds a way to find command ground.
I enjoyed reading their story and finding out how things would come to pass with their relationship.

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