Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Review: The Wife Arrangement

The Wife Arrangement The Wife Arrangement by Penny Wylder
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The Wife Arrangement by Penny Wylder is the story of Dee and Jasper.
Jasper's father is setting to retire from the family business that is a famous company that builds cars. Jasper has fast cars in his blood and a playboy attitude that his father is tired of. Jasper's father wants him to settle down and take over for him after he retires but he feels with his son's playboy lifestyle he will never settle down. Jasper parents are in love as they were when they met so he knows that a true love marriage does happen but he has never met a women yet who has him thinking marriage. So him and his cousin/assistant comes up with finding the less perfect women for a pertain marriage to to make is so that his father wants him to 'divorce' her. Which enters Dee into the mix of being that women. Jasper thinks Dee would be perfect with her Walmart look, poor and looking to get a internship with his company. Dee at first wasn't on board but in need of this internship and with the promise of a letter of reconsideration she can't say no. What they didn't tell her was that they plan on making his family think she is a gold digger and totally not wife material. But the more Jasper gets to know her the more he feels she is the perfect wife not to mention his attraction to her.
Great story!

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