Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Review: The Governess Game

The Governess Game The Governess Game by Tessa Dare
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Governess Game: Girl Meets Duke by Tessa Dare is book Two in the Girl Meets Duke series. This is the story of Alexandra 'Alex' Mountbatten and Chase Reynaud. I have read the previous book (and loved it!) but this can easily be a standalone book. We do see the other characters from the previous book but they are in a supporting role. While on that topic I must say the secondary characters who are her friends just make me crazy with wanting to read their story. Hopefully they will be out soon!
Alex father took her to sea after his wife/her mother died. There she learned to everything on a ship but it wasn't until the ship went into trouble and Alex was out to sea by herself for about 8 days. Then she was given to the nearest relatives who just sent her off to school never to deal with her. But she meet friends and started earning a living as a clock setter. When she went to Chase's house to ask about him using her services he quickly though she was a Governess and offered the job. Chase doesn't do love or relationships. Due to his up bringing and in addition the one time he was to care for someone they died on his watch. Now as the Duke's heir his is in charge of two little girls who are unknown to be illegitimate or not. But he is trying not to get attached to them. But they are little devils and feeling as if now one cares. So Alex is hearts goes out to them and even Chase.
This was just wonderful! It had humor, tears, a wounded hero, strong heroine and great secondary characters. I can never recommend Ms. Dare's books enough....they are the best stories!

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