Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Review: Her Deceptive Duke

Her Deceptive Duke Her Deceptive Duke by Scarlett Scott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Her Deceptive Duke by Scarlett Scott is book Four in the Wicked Husbands series. This is the story of Georgiana 'Georgie' and Kit. I have read the previous book (and loved it) but feel this is easily a standalone book if you wish to do so.
Kit was happy with his life as a spy but when he brother died he must take the family title of Duke of Leeds which he finds that he is in need of money to maintain everything. Georgiana is an American heiress who need to get away from her family. Kit and Georgianna marry knowing that it isn't a love match but Kit ups and leaves shortly after the marriage on a 'hunting trip'. This leads Georgianna to start caring for homeless animals in need. Kit 'hunting trip' was actually another spy assignment which took him away but months later returned hurt and his cover blown. Returning to his home injured and to find it has been overtaken by animals. Kit also finds his wife to be a strong person who isn't falling for him and his ways. Georgiana works to take care of Kit and to get him back to better health while trying to keep her feelings to herself...but love always wins in the end.
Really enjoyed their story (animal lover her so I can see collecting those animals) and once I started reading I couldn't put it down...loved it!

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