Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Promise to Fulfill by Faith Starr

Title: Promise to Fulfill
Series: Music for the Heart #2
Author: Faith Starr
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 30, 2018

Trevor Stone, the smooth and sexy drummer of an alternative rock band, has his eyes set on the one woman he can’t have.
Dani Fine is keeping a past secret close to her heart.
Trevor’s promises to his bandmate and to Dani conflict with each other.
Is keeping a promise worth losing everything that is important to him?
Someone is bound to get hurt.

Dani POV: A silent stare down took place between the two of us. Screw this. “Excuse me.” I huffed in frustration and brushed past him. “Good night, Trevor.” His hand prevented me from taking another step forward. I snapped around to face him, annoyed he wanted to talk now. I had nothing to say to him, the experience I had witnessed several hours prior still too fresh in my mind to have a rational conversation with the man just yet. He stood frozen, shifting uncomfortably, remaining tongue-tied. “What is it, Trevor? I’m tired and want to go back to sleep.” I hated to sound so cold, but my heart hurt even though it had no right to. He went to speak, but stopped himself.

Trevor POV: She plopped down next to me in one of the airport chairs and peeled away the wax paper around the muffin. She picked off a small piece and held it out to me. “Want a bite?” Yes, I do. But not of the muffin you’re holding in front of my mouth. I took a deep breath to get my bearings. I leaned forward and took it from her. My lips made contact with the soft skin of her fingers. Damn. Whoever thought eating a muffin and having a cup of tea wasn’t a turn-on had never been in my shoes. This shit was hot. I wasn’t referring to her tea either.
When I’m not managing my husband’s medical practice or taking care of things for one of my three kids, I love writing romance fiction.
There is absolutely nothing like getting into the minds of my characters, bringing them to life, and giving them a life of their own with all the emotions that go along with it. I am swept away, head over heels in love, with each and every alpha male I create and the confident women who steal their hearts.
Being a romantic at heart, with a bit of a dirty mind, I relish creating stories that touch upon readers’ heartstrings, provoke thought, and hopefully provide a bit of insight into some heavy topics.
Being married for over twenty-two years ─ holy cow, how time flies ─ I honestly believe in “Once Upon a Time” and “Happily Ever After” endings because I found mine. Aww, I know, so mushy. But that’s me, a softie with a big heart. A bit of a nut too.

My Review
4 Stars
Promise to Fulfill by Faith Starr is book Two in the Music For The Heart.  This is the story of Trevor and Dani.  This can be a standalone book if you wish to do so.
Joey, Dani (Joey's twin sister), Trevor is the drummer, Logan are the members of a famous band called Steam.  Dani has always seem to have a crush on Trevor but it doesn't seem to be leading her anywhere.  Unknown to Dani, Trevor is attracted to her but she is supposed to be off limits to him.  But their feelings start to take over and neither can ignore them for long. 
This was another great romance book by Ms. Starr.

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