Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Review: Teased by Fire

Teased by Fire Teased by Fire by Molly O'Hare
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Teased by Fire by Molly O'Hare is the story of Olive Quinn and Hank Parker.
Hank has been attracted to his sister Miranda's best friend Olive for a long time. Never acting on it
because of the unsaid code of not messing with your sister's friends. But he is around 34 years old and when he learns his sister is moving out of her room in Olive's apartment, he grabs his chance to act of his feelings by moving in to his sister's vacant room. Olive is introvert that has a big imagination that writes romance books. Working from her apartment and in her room most of the time with only her best friend Miranda as her social go to person. But Miranda informed her two days ago she found a job and has to move to take the job and that her brother Hank is moving in. Olive thinks he is hot but out of her league and along with his annoying teasing her is making her panic that her world is changing. Along with the lost of a best friend who has been at her hip since they were little is causing her to taking her corkiness to another level.
Hank is a hot fireman who is nothing but confident except with his feelings for Olive but he working on securing those feelings with her. Olive is a anything but confident and her corkiness adds to this book being so funny, along with Hank's reactions to her corkiness.
Really enjoyed this book...couldn't put it down.

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