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Review: Three Reckless Wishes by Lila DiPasqua

Three Reckless Wishes Three Reckless Wishes by Lila DiPasqua
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THREE RECKLESS WISHES by Lila DiPasqua is book 10 in the Fiery Tales. This is the story of Luc de Moutier, Marquis of Fontenay and Isabelle Laurent 'Juliette Carre. I have read the previous books and we met Sabine Laurent in the first book 'A Midnight Dance' who is Isabelle's twin sister and Sabine's husband is Luc's brother. With that said, I do feel this can be a standalone book if you wish to do so.
Isabelle was almost killed by Leon de Vittey but she had gotten away from him, but every though she had died at his hands. Isabelle did nothing to prove that wrong thinking that she and her family would be safer with her being 'dead'. Now she is Juliette Carre a famous courtesan who have men vying for her to be theirs, in addition she is able to write. This new life has given her protection for her son and family but her mind is never far from her old life and family.
Leon didn't know Isabelle at the time she was 'alive' but when he started reading her writings/journals he became very taken with a 'dead women'. So much so that its all he can think about. Leon's friend try to talk him into meeting Juliette the one women to take his mind off 'Isabelle' and he does do so. New feelings do come forward for her but 'Isabelle' isn't to far from him or his mind.
So loved this book and such a fan of Ms. Dipasqua writing.

Isabelle has become a highly sought after mistress called

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