Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Protecting Macy by C.M. Steele

Title: Protecting Macy
Series: Cavanaugh Security Series
Author: C.M. Steele
Genre: Romance Suspense
Release Date: March 19, 2019
She was running from her past.
He was unsure of his future.
Richer than sin, Sean Cavanaugh had it all, and yet, he chased the dream of being a homicide detective like his father had been. When merit and effort failed, he decided to change his path.
He had one last day on the job...
Macy Garcia lived in a trailer park with dreams of getting out. All her life she's wanted a bit of security and peace—doing everything she can to find it—until a little bit of speeding gets her into a world of trouble.
Like many high-speed chases, this one ended with a crash. Their worlds collide and it's an explosion neither was prepared for.
Could Macy get away or would Sean catch her?
Would she even want to run?
Would he let her try?
This is a full-length novel filled with romance, passion, and danger.

4 Stars
Protecting Macy by C.M. Steele is book One in the Cavanaugh Security Series. This is the story of Macy Garcia and Sean Cavanaugh. 
Sean has dreamed of being a homicide detective like his father, but that hasn't happened he feels due to people sleeping around to get ahead and other unjustified things.  So he has given his two weeks notice and this being his last day ends up leading him to Macy.  Macy is 18 year old working hard as a waitress to get out of the trailer park her mom has them in along with her Step Father.   The Step Father is making thing very hard for her and she just wants to get away from him.  After a incident she meets Sean who immediately takes her home with him which leads to them giving into their feelings.

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