Saturday, May 4, 2019

Review: Never a Bride

Never a Bride Never a Bride by Megan Frampton
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Never a Bride by Megan Frampton is book Four in A Duke's Daughters Series. This is the story of Griffith Davies and Lady Della Howlett. I have read the previous books, but feel you can make this a standalone book if you wish to do so.
Della was the daughter of the Duke of Marymount, but thinking herself in love with Mr. Baxter her dance instructor and wanting to get away from a cold upbringing ran away with him. Never marrying him even when she had their child Nora. Baxter ended up running off with her jewlery leaving her and her daughter to fend for themselves. Of course she was disowned by her father and who knows where she would end up if not for Sarah Wattings. Now in the present day she is a notorious scandal. Griffith took off at a early age for the sea and after about 12 years at sea and as a part of Her Majesty's Navy Griffith is told that he has to settle to land as the heir of a Duke of Northam. When pressured to to marry a false engagement between Della and Griffith is set in motion. Both interested in the other thinking that they can have fun while causing such upset to society but what they didn't count on was how much their feelings would changed what they both wanted.

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