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The Bluestocking by Christi Caldwell

The Bluestocking The Bluestocking by Christi Caldwell
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The Bluestocking by Christi Caldwell is book 4 in the Wicked Wallflowers Series. This is the story of Gertrude Killoran and Edwin Warwick, Marquess of Maddock. I have read the previous books (and Loved them!!) which I think helped with my enjoyment of this book and series since there is a underlining story going on but with that said I do feel you can easily make this a standalone book if you wish to do so.
Edwin's wife, son and unborn child died in a fire that left him mad and of course very upset. The town whispered that he was to blame and started calling him the 'Mad Marquess' which he added to that by drinking and letting his anger take over. Broderick Killoran and his 'siblings' have survived the harsh streets along with being taken into street gang run by Mac Diggory where they most all were abused or touched by Diggory's harshness.
Gertrude is the eldest 'Killoran' Sister who has always been thought to be weaker and kept protected. Stephen was the youngest of the 'adopted' siblings. When it is learned that Edwind's son actually was kidnapped and didn't die in the fire by Diggory but is now living with Broderick Edwin wants his son. Edwin blames Broderick and all the Killoran siblings for his son being taken and kept from him. Edwin deals with Broderick saying he is taking his son and no one from Killoran is to contact them or he will seek his revenge.
Gertrude of course can't let Stephen just go on his very own with the 'Mad Marquess' who Stephen doesn't really remember him, so she sneaks into the carriage to go with them.
Of course this sets off their story line that for me took me on an emotional roller coaster ride. Which is the reason Ms. Caldwell is one of my Top Ten Favorite Authors. Ms. Caldwell brings you into their story building up your emotions so that when the characters hurt you hurt, when they are happy you are happy and so on. In addition to that her books are one you will not be able to put down because you can stop mind story and you need to see what is going to happen next in their story. I would recommend this book along with any books written by this author!
Loved it!

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