Friday, May 10, 2019

Unsteady in Love by Harlow Layne

Title: Unsteady in Love
Series: Fairlane #4
Author: Harlow Layne
Genre: Contemporary/Military Romance
Release Date: May 10, 2019


Everything I ever thought I knew about him, everything I thought he wanted was a lie.

Imagine one day calling your boyfriend, the love of your life, the man you planned to marry and have kids with only to find out his phone has been disconnected, and he’s joined the military.

How could someone love you if they ran away?

That was four years ago when he shattered my heart into a million pieces and today I find that same man on my doorstep… pleading for forgiveness and my hand in marriage.

Our relationship isn’t what I dreamt it would be. The only way to see it through is to keeping the past pain buried and protecting my heart. It shouldn’t be hard when he’s half a world away, but when tragedy strikes causing Holden to come back to me half the man he was when he left...

I must decide if he’s worth giving a second chance. With a past as checkered as ours, I’m not sure love will ever exist again.

Unsteady in Love is a stand-alone in the Fairlane series. The series has crossover characters from each novel. It is not required to read the books in order but it is recommended to enhance the reading experience.

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Author Bio

Harlow Layne is a hopeless romantic who writes sweet and sexy alpha males who will make you swoon.

Harlow wrote fanfiction for years before she decided to try her hand at a story that had been swimming in her head for years.

When Harlow’s not writing you’ll find her online shopping on Amazon, Facebook, or Instagram, reading, or hanging out with her family and two dogs.

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My Review
5 Stars
Unsteady in Love by Harlow Layne is book Three in the Fairlane Series.  This is the story of Holden and Prue. I felt this could be a standalone book if you wish to do so.  Holden and Prue were an item but Holden ended up leaving without ever contacting Prue again.  Now about 4 years have past and Prue is dealing with the death of her father and his bills.  Holden just shows up and asked her to forgive him and allow him to help her.  Which is via a marriage that Prue swears to not give her heart again to him.  Holden leaves again but this time he stays in touch more for them to get to know each other again. 
There is more to their story but it was for sure a emotional page turner.

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