Sunday, March 27, 2016

Review: Montana Sky: Thorpe's Mail-Order Bride

Montana Sky: Thorpe's Mail-Order Bride Montana Sky: Thorpe's Mail-Order Bride by Cynthia Woolf
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was a really sweet romance that you can't put down. I had to read it in one sitting.
Lena DuBois did not know of her father but her mother was a madam at a really famous bordello. Lena didn't not actually grow up there as she was sent to school by her mother and also Lena became a teach at the school. But now Lena is back visiting her mom when a man comes forward to say that he is her father and he wants to marry her off to a gentleman in New York. This sends Lena in to a world win where she decides to up and leave the her mom and the area to get far away from them. In way of doing so, she has seen a news paper ad asking for women to marry and becomes brides of men out front. There Lena goes to the company with the need for wives and she is shown pictures of potential husbands. When she see John Thorpe pictures she decides on him and goes forth to Montana where he is located. She marries John and they are happy getting to know each other and seem to be doing well. But then a letter goes forward from a lawyer saying her father has died and left her his money and also that her step-brother is very upset by this and possible might her her as he did her father. Lena knows that if John finds out about her mother this could change his view on her as he wanted a highly moral women.
This starts their really sweet and emotional love story. I was glad to have the chance to read and review this book.

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