Sunday, May 29, 2016

Review: Cursed - A Spellbound Regency Novel

Cursed - A Spellbound Regency Novel Cursed - A Spellbound Regency Novel by Lucy Leroux
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a little bit of a Paranormal book, historical romance and all round good book.
Governess Isobel Sterling was being taught up until she was 12 years old about witch craft and that she is a witch. But when she turned 12 and her family member died that was teaching her it brought her mother to end her training and forget about being a witch or witchcraft because it was so dangerous at the time. Isobel later in life finds herself alone and needing work so she moves and becomes a Governess. There she meets her bosses nephew and they are both drawn to each other. Isobel notices that he has darkness around him and notices since he has come to town a few women have come up missing.
Matteo Garibaldi is quickly attracted to Isobel and tries to get close to her but she keeps hiding. Later we find that his father has taken Isobel to a cabin where Matteo is being held. We find that he is cursed and turns into a 'beast' of some sort. When Matteo finds that Isobel is with him he tries to get his father to take her away as he does not want to kill or hurt her. But he won't do it and not to long after the 'beast' comes out. Isobel ends up having to use the witchcraft that she had tired to forget. The next morning Matteo wakes to find that she is gone and that he doesn't not feel the beast in him as he did. This sets the them on the mission to find her and ask for her help.
I really did like this book and hope that you will too.

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