Sunday, October 9, 2016

Review: The Governess Was Wanton

The Governess Was Wanton The Governess Was Wanton by Julia Kelly
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'The Governess Was Wanton' by Julia Kelly is book two in the "Governess" series. This is the story of Mary Woodward and Eric the Earl of Asten. I have read the previous book but I feel this is easily a standalone book.
Mary has be pretty much on her own since her father died and her mother remarried. Mary was left at a boarding school and from there moved into being a Governess since she couldn't pay the bills. Mary has done well at the job and moves on once her 'charge' becomes married. That is the case now where she is finding herself with a new charge who is a teenager...but the thing different is that Mary is attracted to the single father. Mary knows there is no future in this and can only ruin her. So Mary tries her best to fight any feelings she has. Eric too is surprised at his feelings of desire for Mary. Eric tries to fight it and thinks he has found someone to take his mind of of Mary but then as quick as he found her he lost her. But has he really lost her or is she just under his nose?
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