Monday, December 12, 2016

Review: Forbidden

Forbidden Forbidden by Lauren Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

'Forbidden' by Lauren Smith is the first book in the 'Her British Stepbrother' trilogy. This is the story of Tristan Kingsley and Kat Roberts. This book does end in a Cliffhanger in their story. Kat is an American girl going to College in London where her father just moved for work. Kat has actually been there for about three years in London and has started to feel safe in making friends. Before they moved so much that she didn't bother to make friends. In addition she has other issues with her mom up and leaving them. So she does have some issue with people leaving her. Tristan too has issue but with his father. His father is a Lord and Tristan will be inheriting the title so his father dictates Tristan's life. Tristan has a playboy reputation too. Kat is a 'good girl' who has never really had a boyfriend and although her father does have money its not as much as Tristan. Tristan knows from their first meeting that Kat is a different type of women. Tristan knows that he will actually have to work for a relationship with Kat. Kat is highly attracted to Tristan but knows he is a player and she doesn't want to get hurt by him. This story hooks you in pretty fast. I liked Kat and how she tried to stick to her feelings of not being hurt. I enjoyed watching Tristan trying to deal with his growing feelings...something he never had to do with a lady before. He has always been a love them and leave them type guy.
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