Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Review: Schooling the Duke

Schooling the Duke Schooling the Duke by Christi Caldwell
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'Schooling the Duke' by Christi Caldwell is book One in the 'The Heart of a Scandal' series. This is the story of Rowena and Graham. Ms. Caldwell is one of my favorite Authors! When I see her name on a book I know that I will be getting a Great, Heartfelt, and total emotional book. This one was no different...I had to read it at once and not put it down until I was done! Just loved this story!
Rowena and Graham fell in love and had planned to get married but Graham had went away to war but promised to marry her on his returned. But his father the Duke oldest son died and now Graham will be his heir...and the Duke does not want Rowena around. So the older Duke comes to Rowena and her family to threaten them if Rowena doesn't leave the area he will release the secret that Rowena mother once was a whore. This will hurt Rowena and her two younger sisters. Rowena agrees to go to a School to which she will in turn become a teacher. Rowena feels that when Graham returns he will come for her. Now 10 years later she has harbored the upset that Graham never came and it appears that he was just using her. Graham is under the impression that Rowena up an married and didn't wait for him. So both are holding the other responsible for their breakup.
Graham has now inherited a 17 year old child that he is looking for a companion and that is how he finds Rowena again. How will the other react when they come face to face again?
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