Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Review: Within a Captain's Power

Within a Captain's Power Within a Captain's Power by Lisa A. Olech
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'Within a Captain's Power' by Lisa A. Olech is book Four in the "Captains of the Scarlet Night" series. This is the story of Captain James Steele and Samantha Christian.
Sam fell for Damian Wessler and his lies which ended up making her his servant who he beat. Sam and her friend set in motion a way for Sam to escape and get on the "Scarlet Night" ship. Sam had convinced Damian to let her go to her friends party where Sam set in motion for her to anger Damian enough that he would beat her enough that he would lock her up for a few days. Sam had chosen James to kiss him to cause the scene that set off Damian. After the beating she was able to sneak out and get on the Scarlet Night ship. There she had to cut her air and done pants to pretend to be a boy.
James is set to marry a women named Lillian so his attraction Sam at the party was upsetting. When Damian dragged Sam off, James figured he would never see Sam again. James has been ordered to capture the privateer Scarlet Night ship and its crew.
What will happen with when James find Sam is part of that crew?
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