Sunday, April 30, 2017

Review: Sweet Southern Trouble

Sweet Southern Trouble Sweet Southern Trouble by Michele Summers
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

' Sweet Southern Trouble" by Michele Summers is the story of Nick and Marabelle. This is my first book by Ms. Summers and I hope to read more of her stories! This was a fun, hot hard and hard to put down story!
Nick is a former NFL star and now coaches a a school team. Nick is used to women throwing themselves at him and people being taken with him. Nick was a hot male character that I so enjoyed his interactions with Marabelle. So Marabelle is somewhat a surprise to him. Marabelle is a Kindergartner assist teacher. A few school mishaps that have happen to her have put her on the not so popular list at school with the other teachers. But they have lined her up to talk Nick into helping them with their fundraiser and bachelor auction. If Marabelle can get Nick to help out this can possible set her up with a more permanent job there at the school.
Completely enjoyed this book!
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