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Review: Highlander Unchained & Forbidden Highlander

Highlander Unchained & Forbidden Highlander Highlander Unchained & Forbidden Highlander by Donna Fletcher
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'Highlander Unchained & Forbidden Highlander' by Donna Fletcher is the story of Cree & Dawn. There are actually two books in this set. They were originally released around 2012 separately. Highlander Unchained was book one and Forbidden Highlander was book two in the ""Highlander Trilogy". Both books deal with Cree and Dawn's story. Book three "Highlander's Captive" which is a separate book deals with Cree's sister and Dawn's brother.
I am such a big Fan of Ms. Fletcher's writing and these two books just confirmed my reason for making her a favorite author. I could not put these books down...I had so much to do but dropped it all to finish reading Cree and Dawn's story. If Ms. Fletcher had a million books and I had a million dollars I would not have a million dollars for long...nor would I have any time for anything other than reading.
Cree was the strong warrior type that described himself as not having a heart. Cree had a goal in mind of taking over land and become a titled lord. Nothing in his plans were for a strong, loyal women who had such a big heart...nor a women who put others before herself. Dawn did have disability that kept her from speaking but nothing slowed her down.
Cree had tried to fight his attraction and growing feelings for Dawn but he was loosing that battle. The King had arranged a marriage for him to a nobleman's daughter to help secure his land and title he wanted. So Cree could not make Dawn his wife and never really offered that option to her. Dawn was a hardworking women that help her friends and even a few of the people that did her wrong. Dawn understood her place with Cree and knew that he would never love her but that didn't stop her from opening up to him...which made it hard for Cree not to love her.
This book had so many emotions for me...sometimes I hated Cree but other times I just couldn't help but love him for a main character. He only wanted to keep Dawn safe even though she wouldn't listen to him and kept getting herself into trouble. He such a Alpha male that he didn't want her touch another man for any reason. Dawn was only for him!
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