Monday, May 22, 2017

Review: Taming Elijah

Taming Elijah Taming Elijah by Stacy Reid
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

'Taming Elijah" by Stacy Reid is book One in the new series called "The Kincaids". This is the story of Sheridan Wentworth and Elijah Kincaid.
This book opens to drama that finds Sheridan being confronted by Mr. Jericho Sullivan who is an evil man who thinks he is the King of the area. Sullivan wants Sheridan and her money and he will stop at nothing to get it. So he threatens Beth and her son if Sheridan doesn't go along with him. Beth is Sheridan's sister inlaw and best friend. Sheridan had been married to Beth's brother but he was killed and it is just them. Sullivan says that he will be back the next day with the Preacher to marry them. Sheridan knows there is only one person that can help her...Elijah. Elijah and Sheridan had a brief affair before Elijah found out that Sheridan was married. So he walked away from her. Sheridan loves Elijah and didn't really mean to deceive him. But will Elijah help her now when she needs him so much?
I will be honest Elijah had a chip on his shoulder and did treat Sheridan somewhat cold but he was protecting his heart. Elijah had lost if first wife and son to a tragedy that took their lives. So Elijah did push Sheridan away but nothing can stop love!
I have read every book I think that Ms. Reid has wrote and her books just keep getting better. When you start to read one make sure you have plenty of time because you won't be wanting to put it down. I know I have never been able to yet!

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