Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Book Review For: Michael's Soul Mate by Lorelei Moone

Michael's Soul Mate (Vampires of London, #2)Michael's Soul Mate by Lorelei Moone
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'Michael's Soul Mate' by Lorelei Moone is book Two in the "Vampires of London'.  This is the story of

Michael and Anna.  I have not yet read the previous book, so for me this was a standalone book.

Michael is a vampire who happens to find Anna more than half dead from an attack.  Michael makes a quick emotional decision to 'save her' by turning her into a Vampire like him.  Michael then takes her home to where he is staying with his friends.  Michael feels that since he  created her that he should have feelings of a father or brother toward her...but he finds her interesting and attractive.  Micheal puts up a fight to keep his feelings to himself but it hard when he is so drawn to her.

Anna doesn't remember anything of the attack or her previous life.  She is shocked to learn about vampires and that she is one but she seems to take it in stride.  Anna is confused about her feelings for Michael...when they get close he seems to try to make a distant between them.

So while they are questioning their feelings they are also trying to figure out what happened to her and who is responsible.

This was an enjoyable read!
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