Saturday, May 19, 2018

Review: Forbidden Vow

Forbidden Vow Forbidden Vow by Diana Cosby
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Forbidden Vow by Diana Cosby is book Three in the Forbidden series. This is the story of Lady Gwendolyn Murphy and Sir Aiden MacConnell. I have read the previous books (and loved them!) but feel this can be a standalone book if you choose to do so.
Aiden is pretending to be Bróccín MacRaith who is to marry Gwendolyn. But in reality he is a a member of the Knights Templar and her enemy. Aiden goal in pretending to be him is to get access to the Castle but when he meets Gwendolyn and learns that a marriage is to be almost imminently he is taken back. Gwendolyn is more than just beautiful she is a strong women who he is great attracted too. Never before has Aiden put personal pleasure or feeling before his work.
Gwendolyn isn't a shy maiden but a strong women who knows how to move in this powerful castle that she protects along with its people. Gwendolyn was resigned to this marriage with MacRaith knowing that it was one of business...but never did she know such strong attractions as she does now with her intended. But what will happen with the truth is found out?
Really enjoyed reading their story!

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