Saturday, May 19, 2018

Review: The King's Horrible Bride

The King's Horrible Bride The King's Horrible Bride by Kati Wilde
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The King's Horrible Bride by Kati Wilde is book Two in the Royal Wedding Series. This is the story of Maximilian and Victoria.
Max and Victoria have been engaged for over 10 years due to their parents arrangement. They only met once when Victoria was a young girl and she instantly fell in love. But Max was older and saw her as a kid so he went on with his Royal duties until he felt he finally needed to get married. By Now Victoria was near to calling off the wedding and was going to do so when she went to a dinner party and she knew he would ignore her again. But instead Max did the opposite of that and kept her with him from the start. When Max's team were going over potential brides and down playing Victoria as a bride that would be Horrible for him he had mixed emotions until he saw a recent picture of her....then he was instantly in love! Victoria was it for him...but can he make her see how sorry he was for ignoring her all those years?
Great Quick and Hot Read!!

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