Friday, August 31, 2018

Review: An Earl Like You

An Earl Like You An Earl Like You by Caroline Linden
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Earl Like You by Caroline Linden is book Two in The Wagers of Sin. This is the story of Hugh Deveraux, the Earl of Hastings and Eliza Cross. I have read the previous book, but feel this can be a standalone book if you wish to do so.
Hugh has just inherited his families title but he learns that there is not money and actually owes money. Hugh will do anything to same his family from this outrages predicament. Edward Cross offers him that much needed help but in the form of marrying his daughter whom he isn't allowed to tell her that he is marrying her for the money. Eliza finds Hugh so charming and attentive to her that she can't help but give into her feelings. But soon after they marriage she learns what has really been Hugh's driving force. Hugh's feeling have changed to being true and not he is out to convince Eliza of that.
Really enjoyed their story!!!

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