Thursday, February 7, 2019

The Gift by SR Jones

Title: The Gift
Series: Bratva Vows Duet #1
Author: SR Jones
Genre: Mafia Romance
Release Date: February 1, 2019 Cover Credit: Obeithion Covers
Keep your friends close, and your enemies in your bed....
The innocent waitress
nobody would miss,
Nobody would care about...
Given to him,
A cold-blooded, unforgiving hitman,
With sexy eyes and an irresistible body.
But he doesn't know who I am,
Or what secrets I hide. 
A gift—mine,
To own, to keep.
To do with as I please.
But she's so much more,
More than I ever imagined.
And I vow to get to the bottom of this...
This beautiful, mysterious, and broken gift.
Because now she belongs to me.
***NB: The Gift is a full length novel that is part one of a two part story. It contains dark themes so trigger warnings apply***

Hi Guys. I'm a UK based author who loves to read and write all things romance.
As Skye Jones I write steamy paranormal romance.
As S.R. Jones I write darker, contemporary romance and romantic suspense.
One thing my books have in common are tortured alpha heroes that are oh-so-redeemable!
I live in Yorkshire, and get lots of inspiration from the windswept moors, the old stone buildings and the Celtic myths of this fair isle.
My dogs are my favorite people, although I tell my husband I’m quite fond of him too 😉
I love chocolate and Starbuck’s Mochas and keep meaning to give them up for a life of yoga and fresh juices, but it never happens!
5 Stars
The Gift by SR Jones is book One in the Bratva Vows Series. This is the story of Violet and Andrius. There is a Prequel that sets the book up called 'The Trap' that at the time of this review was free.
Andrius works as a enforcer for the Russian Mob but doesn't believe in hurting women and children but doesn't stop him from being tough enforcer. Andrius is given a gift which is Violet who looks plain and innocent but Andrius isn't so sure about that. Violet has her secrets and is buying her time until she can make a move. This book doesn't end their story and the next book is called 'The Hit'.
Exciting Read. 

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