Tuesday, October 8, 2019

The Savage Gentleman by Christopher Harlan

Title: The Savage Gentleman
Author: Christopher Harlan
Genre: Contemporary Romance
 Release Date: October 8, 2019


My name is Lucas “The Ghost” Esparza. 

I’m the best MMA fighter in the world that you’ve never heard of, but if I have my way, I’ll be a household name soon enough. My life’s been nothing but hard training, crazy partying, and fast women, and that’s just how I liked it. No man had ever gotten the better of me inside the cage, and no woman had ever been able to slow down my lifestyle outside of it. 

And then it all came crashing down. 

When I tasted defeat for the first time in the biggest fight of my life, I was a broken man—my pride destroyed and my dreams of greatness deferred. 

That’s when Mila walked into my gym. 

When my trainer told me I had to giver her self defense lessons because she was a ‘special case’, I had no idea what he meant. All I knew was that she had a body to die for, and a face that made me forget my own name. I’d been with my share of women, but she was easily the sexiest I’d ever laid eyes on.

There was only one problem—we hated each other with a passion!

I thought she was whiny with a bad attitude.. She thought I was full of myself. But then something happened that changed everything between us. She gave me the confidence to pursue my dreams once again—to be a champion, to make it into the UFC, to be the savage gentleman that I was born to be.


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Author Bio

With an introverted mind and a sarcastic sense of humor, Christopher Harlan has been many things throughout his life. He started life as a mixed up mixed kid, like his protagonist, Logan, in his bestselling Young Adult novel “Away From Here”, and now spends his days writing stories. He’s published over 15 books in contemporary romance and young adult, and has no plans of stopping anytime soon. The one constant in his life has been his love of a good book, and his passion for telling stories. He was born and raised in Queens, New York. 

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My Review
5 Stars
The Savage Gentleman by Christopher Harlan is the story of Mila and Lucas.
Lucas is a MMA fighter who was headed for the UFC circuit but a incident happens that took that away.  Now he is working at his old gym working his way back to his UFC circuit dream.  At the gym he works to train people and sometimes gives defense lessons.  This is how he ends up meeting Mila. Mila is recovering emotionally and still suffers from PTSD after being brutally beating almost to death by her ex boyfriend.  No she lives almost a hermit life due to that incident.  Mila friend Holly suggested self defense / Martial Arts training which leads her to have Lucas as her trainer.  Of course sparks and words fly between the two and they start to connect when they both start to open up about what they are both dealing with.
Enjoyed their story and hope to read more from this author.

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