Sunday, May 29, 2016

Review: One Dangerous Desire

One Dangerous Desire One Dangerous Desire by Christy Carlyle
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I received this book in exchange for an honest review
'One Dangerous Desire' by Christy Carlyle is book three in the "Accidental Heirs" series. I have read the other books in this series but I do feel this is a standalone don't worry if you are jumping around in the series.
This is the story of Rex Leighton and May Sedgwick.
Rex once was an poor American who knew May when she was above him in the social status. But Rex and May thought to marry and they were going to run away together. But May thought Rex hadn't shown up for their 'running away' night. Rex had moved to England about six years ago and has made a name for himself and is now rich. Rex still can't break into English society and is still somewhat 'snubbed'. So Rex thinks to marry a English Lady like Lady Emily. Lady Emily is single and her father is a Duke. But Rex finds out that Lady Emily is friends with May who also has come to England. May's mother had always wanted her to marry a English that is why May is in town. May is in shock when she first sees him and is angry that he didn't show up that night. May tries not to have anything to do with him. Rex is fighting his feelings for May. Can May get over his betrayal? Will Rex come to know that love is more important than social status climbing?

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