Sunday, November 27, 2016

Review: Highland Vixen

Highland Vixen Highland Vixen by Mary Wine
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'Highland Vixen' by Mary Wine is book two in the "Highland Weddings" series. This is the story of Marcus MacPherson and Helen Grant. This can be a standalone book but, I truly feel to enjoy this book to the fullest you should read the previous book "Highland Spitfire". In book One Helen and Marcus were secondary characters that I enjoyed reading about them in that book. Although their story doesn't really take off until this one, it help with the build up to getting into their story.
Helen was taken by Marcus as a way to keep her family from contracting against his clan. Helen has tried to make the best of living there but it hasn't been easy after Marcus 'dumped' her there and he went on his business. But things have changed and Helen has taken a chance to leave the Clan and did so without Marcus knowing. But now Marcus has found that he has grown some feelings for Helen and wants to go after her. But he is a Strong Tough Highlander that doesn't show his feelings much is finding it hard to find a reason to go after her. Marcus lack of showing her emotions was most of the issue with Helen thinking she isn't wanted there. So under his father's orders to go to Court for a mission for him....Marcus uses this chance to bring Helen back. But things are as cut and dried as you would think. Marcus and Helen run into a few bumps and misunderstanding along the way. I so loved how Marcus was trying to show his feelings when it was hard for him to do so. Helen was a strong character that fit him just right! This was another great book by Ms. Wine that showed me again why she is one of my favorite authors!
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