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Review: Historical Hellions: Seven Historical Romances

Historical Hellions: Seven Historical Romances Historical Hellions: Seven Historical Romances by Christina McKnight
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Historical Hellions: Seven Historical Romances!
What a great box set!! This has all of my favorite authors in this set. But if for some reason you haven't read some of the authors work...this is a must have. This book is about 1587 pages so they are mostly full length books.
Here is the list of books you get:
1. The Pursuit of Pleasure by Elizabeth Essex is book One in the Dartmouth Brides series.
James and Lizzie were once childhood friends but then James went left he didn't come back for 10 years. Now he is back and thinks to marry Lizzie to keep his estate safe while he is on a mission. But unknown to her she thinks she is marrying him and just a back up plan if something does happen to him. But this deception leads to Lizzie getting into trouble and when her husband comes back she makes him aware of all the damage he has done. Can he get her to ever forgive him?
2. The Thief Steals Her Earl by Christina McKnight is book One in the "Craven House" Series.
This is the story of Simon Montgomery, the Earl of Cartwright and Judith Pengarden. Judith and her twin sister Sam has taken to stealing to secretly help out there oldest sister who is like a mother to them and has also been helping abused women. Judith and Sam realized that their sister is in need of money to keep the house and to help others. So this takes Judith to break into a house were they steal a vase they can't get rid of and at one outing was spotted by a young girl. So Judith happens to meet Simon who dabbles in art, antiques and such. Judith thinks to get closer to him and see if he can help sale the vase. Simon is bookish, quiet and is not that popular with the town..but does have a reputation for Art and antiques. When he meets Judith he finds her to be smart than most women he runs into and she seems to be interested in what he likes too. So Simon starts a friendship of sorts with Judith.
3. Secrets in Scarlet by Erica Monroe is book Two in the "The Rookery Rogues" series.
Sergeant Thaddeus Knight of the Metropolitan Police has come to look into a murder at a London Factory. Poppy O'Reilly is hiding something but nothing to do with murder. But with Thaddaeus looking around for information will he find out what she is hiding?
4. Sleeping Beau by Lila DiPasqua is book Four in the 'Fiery Tales" series.
Adrien d'Aspe, Marquis de Beaulain is a known Rake and five years ago he was surprised by Catherine ( although he didn't know her name back then). She came to him in his sleep and created the best 'sex' that he ever had ..then left before finding out her name. . Adrien has never forgotten her and has been search to find her. Five years later his half sister was asking him to distract a women that is engaged to her "protector". Adrien has not intended to do such a thing for his sister but once he sees Catherine he know she was the lady five years ago. So he goes after Catherine for his own purpose.
5. The Art of Seduction by Eileen Richards
A spinster finds freedom as a theater set painter until a chance meeting with the marquis who broke her heart has her questioning what she wants for her future.
6. The Madam’s Highlander by Madeline Martin
What’s the madam of a successful bawdy house in Edinburgh to do when she finds one of the English supported Black Watch soldiers needing to desert his post? She helps him, of course – but there’s a high price to pay.
7. Reckless Wager by Christy Carlyle is part of the "A Whitechapel Wagers" series.
Victorian propriety and passions collide when a beautiful widow makes a wager with a wounded police detective bent on solving the Ripper mystery.
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