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Review: The King & His Queen

The King & His Queen The King & His Queen by Donna Fletcher
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

'The King & His Queen' by Donna Fletcher is book Three in the "Pict King" Series. This is the story of Talon and Hemera. We do meet Talon in the first book and Hemera in the second book. Talon and Hemera do meet in the second book and have a little story line. I have loved this series and Ms. Fletcher's books so I would hate to see you miss any of her books but this can be a standalone book.
Talon is the King of the Pict but his command has been coming into question due to the fact he has been married twice but has not produced in any heirs. Both wives were let go so that he can move forward in finding a wife that can produce a son/child. His former wives did remarry and have children. So Talon's people are starting to question his future as king. Hemera is the sister in-law to Talon's trusted guard/friend. Talon is under the impression that she is slow minded from the way she acts and talks. But the more he gets to know her the more he realizes that might not be the case. Either way he is having a hard time staying away from her. Hemera likes to be by herself allot to think. The other thing she loves is to be in the woods and work on her garden. Talon works to keep her safe by trying to keep her confined to inside and not go beyond the gates. But Talon is finding that Hemera lives by her own rules.
I truly wish I could put into words how much I enjoyed this book. From reading the other books I had slowly and painfully waited for this book to come out. Talon is the strong Alpha male who is trying to understand his growing feelings for Hemera. Talon has to struggle with finding a wife that will produce strong children and help him rule over his people. At first, he didn't even think that Hemera would even be someone to consider for that position. Hemera was used to always trying to protect her sister and deal with the hardships that came with that. In addition, she likes to stay to herself and she doesn't see things as others do. But she does start to have and attraction to Talon. Hemera knows that she will never be his Queen and not just because he wouldn't consider it but because she wouldn't want to give up her freedom that she has now.
I highly recommend this whole series and wish that there was a higher rating that 5 Stars for this book and the series.
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